All You Need To Know About Digital Heat Transfers

All You Need To Know About Digital Heat Transfers.jpg
There is and always will be a debate and opinion surrounding the heat transferred prints on t-shirts. In the previous days, limitations of the method created a bad impact. The transfer paper performed poorly especially when pressed with iron. However, newer versions of heat transfer are availble nowadays with the help of new technology. They provide longevity and durability. Today, the quality and the ability of a custom printed heat transfer is far better than those of what was available years ago. Keeping the demand for quality, style and custom garments in mind, custom printed heat transfer solutions have underwent a drastic change.

It is said that dye based inks are best for heat transfers. This is because pigment inks do not penetrates into the garment. Before you go for a customised printed garment, always ask about the type of ink they use.

Types of heat transfer:

Hot split
It is a popular type of heat transfer which has a soft direct screen print when applied on a t-shirt. It is also called hot-peel transfer. The transfer is done with a heat press for ten seconds. After this, the paper is quickly removed and the part of the ink stays on the shirt. When the ink is cooled, it provides a print with a soft feel.

Cold peel
This type of heat transfer is common on athletic uniforms. The process of printing is similar to hot split. Only the transfer is done through cooling, the paper is kept for thirty seconds before being peeled off. After the printing is done, it leaves a heavy, rubbery feeling. Cold peels are not suitable for large t-shirts as the printing area does not allow air to pass through.

Puff transfer
This type of transfer is done with a special kind of ink which expands or puffs up after it is heated. This process is used to create a beveling effect on a t-shirt.

Why heat transfer is so popular?
Heat transfer is the easiest way of printing and is the perfect process for customers who want to place order in a small quantity on a regular basis. Moreover, it provides the best style and professionalism on sportswear and customised promotional wear.

Thus, whether you are looking for a change on your sports wear or commercial wear, you can definitely rely on this printing method a lot.


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