Wedding Dresses For Different Body Shapes

Wedding day is one of the most important events for every woman around the world. Each bride wants to look perfect on their special day. Everyone, including friends, family members, groom and even the bride participate and put their best efforts to make the ceremony a memorable one. On the other hand, every woman desires to wear a perfect dress on her wedding day. Opting for an unmatched and unsuitable dress can ruin the entire elegance of the ceremony. It is always important to consider certain important factors before choosing a perfect wedding dress. Stated below are some effective tips for choosing wedding dresses according to one’s body shape and size –

1. Pear Shape – If you have a pear shaped body, then go for a floor length skirt that will highlight the narrowness of the mid-section of your body and float away from the thighs & hips. This kind of dress is generally prepared with sturdier fabrics like taffeta and duchess satin. You can also opt for a V-neckline or a spaghetti strap bodice which will help to showcase the upper portion of your body.

2. Busty shape – If you are blessed with a busty body shape, then go for a dress having a scooped neckline. Without showing off too much of your cleavage, it will highlight your décolletage. On the other hand, if you are fond of strapless gowns, then choose a pieces having a sweetheart shaped neckline.

3. Plus Size – Plus sized women are generally suggested to choose an empire dress along with a A line shaped floor length skirt. Try to avoid over pleating dresses as they may give a more plus sized look. Make sure that the dress can play with the shape of your body. If you have any difficulties in choosing the right piece for your size, then it is always recommended to consult with a dress designer of a reputed bridal shop in Sydney.

4. Tall – Tall brides are the luckiest and can choose any kind of dress for their marriage ceremony according to their choice. Don’t opt for a dress having too much textures and pleats. Since you are tall, don’t hesitate to show off your figure and body shape. Keep the dress simple, yet gorgeous.

5. Straight figures – Though straight figures don’t have curves, there are some wedding dresses which can create and give a curvy look to the body. Choose a full length ball gown dress which can correct the shape of your figure and produce a curvy look of it.

Thus, according to your body shape and size, choose an appropriate wedding dress by following all the above mentioned tips.


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