Top Wedding Dress Trends To Look Out For in 2017

wedding dress_Instyle Bridal

Is your wedding party in talks among your family members and best friends already, but you keep thinking about the type of dress you should wear on the big day? Well, the list of top bridal gown fads has been recently exposed, and its contents are impressive enough to put a smile on any would-be bride’s face. So without creating any further tension, let’s take a detailed look at those wedding dress trends that are projected to be hot this year:

Column Gowns & Princess Silhouettes Go Hand-In-Hand

Princess silhouettes are something that is in the market to stay, so you need not worry about rumours suggesting that princess gowns have lost their celebrity status. However, there are plenty of other emerging styles which can impart a similar traditionally romantic appearance, such as column gowns. The column shapes consist of constructed crepe and lace fabrics on clean lines, which look breathtakingly fantastic.

A New Twist In Tulle & Lace

Tulle & lace are expected to dominate a substantial portion of 2017, but not without some changes due to the emergence of new trends. While tulle will become uber-modern after being combined with point d’esprit or made in some unexpected shade, lace is already available in high graphic and bolder options.

Veils Are Not Mandatory

Although there are many brides who prefer to sport a dreamy veil along with their bridal gown, you might belong to the group who can do without one. But it does not mean that you have to go empty-handed. A lineup of alternatives like combs, crowns, halos and other accessories are awaiting your consideration.

Off-Shoulder Options Top The List

Just like 2016, this year is going to be mostly about the off-the-shoulder styles too, when it comes to bridal gowns in Sydney. However, the popular fad will see several variants rising to the surface, including demure caps, flutters, long & full-coverage and billowing bohos. On the contrary, neckline options like high halter, illusions, plunging V-necks, etc are becoming more popular.

Bold Bridesmaid Dresses

Last but not the least, this year’s trends are not just about brides, but they have also got something up their sleeve for the supporting bridesmaids. There is more opportunity now for bridesmaids to go bolder with their outfit, due to brighter shades like green, purple and pink becoming more popular in the market.

So pack these ideas into your wedding dress buying guide, and get ready to look gorgeous on your big day.


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