Ideas To Breathe Life Into Retro Dresses


Have you got quite a number of retro dresses stocked into your wardrobe? Why not bring out those clothes and breath new life into them? Vintage apparels are great to wear because they can make anyone look great. For instance, the ones from the 1920s generally look fabulous on slender and tall women. On the other hand, petite females with curves can appear elegant and graceful in 1940s clothing. However, it may so happen that the ones you have do not fit you properly and seem like they lack something. Here’s what you can do about them:

Go For Alterations

So far fitting problems are concerned, the best way that you can deal with them is by opting for alterations. Find a good tailor who offers efficient and reasonably priced dress restyling services and have your attire modified as per your requirements. Besides simple hemming, shortening and lengthening, you even opt for major modifications like augmenting a dated prom dress with straps, altering the neckline, making subtle changes in the bodice and so on.

Mix & Match

Sometimes, going out in a vintage dress can make you look like you are about to visit a costume party. If you don’t want that to happen, mix and match your outfit using pieces from various decades. Experiment with different fabrics, patterns, silhouettes and colours. For example, you can wear a leather jacket on top of a fancy vintage dress. Not only would it help you to seem effortlessly cool, but also impart a unique touch to your attire.

Select Modern Accessories

Do not make the mistake of picking the same type of makeup and accessories as your vintage apparel, or you will end up looking like someone dressed for a period piece film. Instead, pair your retro dress with your regular makeup and hairstyle. Doing so would make you appear simple and let your attire shine. You can wear a swingy mod 60s dress with gladiator sandals or pair a flapper dress with a backpack. In other words, always modernise your look even if you are wearing something retro.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t force a retro look on yourself that seems unsuitable. Nothing can be worse than wearing something that fails to suit you no matter how much you try. If you feel confused about your outfit, ask a friend or family member for opinion or to help you out.


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