Buying Guide for Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets play a paramount role in dictating the appearance and feels of a kitchen. And because they are one of the most expensive components of new as well as remodelled kitchen designs, it is important to make sure that they have a timeless appeal and are strong enough to go on for decades.

If you are planning to buy cabinets for the first time in your life to enhance the beauty of your existing kitchen furniture and decor, there are certain things which you will have to consider carefully while you are on a hunt for the most appropriate product. Given below are some of those considerations:

Type and Style

bespoke kitchen furniture.jpg

Kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and configurations. Midrange semi custom options can offer a vast choice in styles, depending upon the changes that you might like to include. You can also choose frameless or frame-faced styles, the latter sporting frames which camouflage the joinery of the cabinet box. Doors having recessed or raised panels inset in a frame are generally attached to frame-faced options. This type can be ideal for you if you have an old-world, classic or cottage kitchen. However, the ones constructed without frames are more suited for contemporary and traditional settings.

Materials and Finishes
bespoke furniture makeing

Material as well as finish choices for kitchen cabinets increase with rise in prices, so weigh the advantages of each according to your budget. If you are going for bespoke or semi custom options,you can visit a reputed furniture maker and examine the various materials used for manufacturing kitchen cabinets, such as wood, metal, composite, thermofoil and laminate. After selecting the one that suits you best, you can choose a finish as per your colour scheme and decorating theme. Custom and semi custom cabinets can be stained, painted, antiqued, distressed or glazed according to decor requirements.

Quality & Efficiency Considerations

kitchen furniture

Look for cabinets that are made to be durable and provide top-notch conveniences. Kitchen cabinets that are constructed sturdily generally have such features as solid-wood drawer and door fronts and face frames, mortise and glued or tenon dowel joints, sturdy undermounts, self closing drawer glides capable of supporting weighty loads, etc. If you want your cabinet to be efficient, look for specialty pieces like tall pantries, deep base drawers and application garages. You can also have your bespoke order built with rollout trays or bases, pullout racks, adjustable shelves and inbuilt organisers.


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