Different Wedding Dress Options To Choose From

wedding dress

In most cases, the first thing that a bride-to-be writes in her list of wedding essentials is related to the dress. But due to the availability of so many styles and design options, it can be quite tough to arrive at a satisfying decision. Mismatching budget and preferences can also create an overwhelming pressure. Moreover, a girl need not be a fashion connoisseur to select the perfect dress for her wedding. In that case, these girls need to follow certain standard options, which can be shuffled through for choosing the right bridal gown.

Given below are some of those options for wedding dresses that can be chosen from:


Couture gowns usually give out a statement of high fashion, and are manufactured using an array of fittings as per the measurements of the client. If a bride-to-be has ordered a couture gown, she can expect a one-off wedding attire that has been made to fit her figure appropriately, exhibiting taste and personality through high quality laces and fabrics. These dresses typically have excellent finish, design and cut, embellished with special techniques like embroidery, beading and applique.


This one is a brilliant option for girls who wish to alter an existing style being offered by a reputed bridal designer, or who want to work with an independent dressmaker or bridal couturier for creating a unique gown. The attire is prepared according to the bride’s measurements, with a toile made with as many as four fittings. However, the bride might have to provide the fabric and other embellishments to the dressmaker.


Technically meaning ‘half-couture’, demi-couture is ideal for those brides-to-be who are looking for something special and do not want to go through toile process. In general, these gown types allow brides to merge elements obtained from different designs into a single entity, which has been fabricated as per their size and then modified for ensuring a perfect fit. A demi-couture dress features high quality fabrics and more beautiful hand work than readymade options.


Readymade bridal gowns are also known colloquially as off-the-rack options. They are made as per the mainstream contemporary as well as traditional styles and trends. They come in a wide range of designs and can be tried on by the bride in the store itself. The dress that is chosen has to be bought straight away. If the bride deems it necessary to make any modifications in the selected dress, the alterations are made by the professional seamstress available at the store.


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