Apologising With The Right Flowers


Saying sorry with flowers has been  a tradition of medieval as well as modern times. It has become a way to show the recipient that you value your relation with that person and are eager to acknowledge as well as make up for the mistake that you have done. The recipient will see that you’ve put an extra effort in your apology and that is surely going to increase your chances of being forgiven.

When choosing apology blooms, it is important to make a little bit of additional effort to select the most appropriate ones instead of randomly picking up any bouquet. Flowers have unique symbolism in their colour and variety, and some are more suitable than others for saying sorry.

Given below are some of the blooms that are considered perfect for saying sorry:

Spring Flowers Such as Daffodils or Tulips

Spring flowers are among the most preferred blooms for making an apology to someone because they usually signify new beginnings and fresh starts. Fresh tones of tulips or daffodils, that are neither too rich or dark in colour, are ideal for saying “I’m sorry”. They can be used for apologising to colleagues, customers or partners.


In the traditions of Ancient Greek, lily especially the Calla Lily was distinguished for its magnificent and graceful beauty. The traits of devotion and humility are also associated with this bloom. The ones with pastel or white tones are perfect for saying sorry to a wife or girlfriend. If the apology is to be made towards a colleague or friend, whites, solids and darker tones are more appropriate.


Orchids universally symbolize power, rarity, strength and virility. The unique nature of these flowers along with their durability makes the apology seem serious and honest, and are the best blooms for men to say sorry with. If the situation has taken place at business, solids with darker or white tones are generally preferred.


Roses – the flowers that express love. Different shades of these blooms have different meanings like red for love, yellow for friendship, white for virtue, innocence, reverence, humility and purity, and pink in dark tones for gratitude. But these flowers also express sincere apologies. They are generally appropriate for making apologies in personal situations. People usually prefer to give yellow roses for saying ‘I am sorry’.

If the situation is too serious and one is daunted by the fact of making an apology in person, apology flowers can be bought fast online. You can find many online florists operating in Newborough nowadays. Some of these florists are even going to offer you the service of efficient flower delivery in Newborough the same day you order. All you need to do is locate a reputed florist and purchase the desired bloom from the comfort of home.

So, if you really want to say ‘I am sorry’ to someone who is very near and dear to you, why make the trouble of visiting any brick-and-mortar florist for buying flower and conveying your feelings? Visit an online flower shop in Newborough, buy flowers online and get it delivered to your destination right (either your home or workplace or their workplace or residence) on time and without any hassle. In fact, making an apology has never been so much easy and convenient before.


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