5 Mistakes to Avoid When Advertising with Promotional Products


One of the biggest advantages of using custom printed items is that they can act as means of limitless exposure, helping to establish connection with potential clients in a more personal way.

However, the strategy of marketing with the help of promotional items can go horribly wrong if chosen or planned poorly. And there are some very common mistakes that can make the investment a complete waste. Some of them are as follows:
Ordering At the Last Moment

This mistake can easily burn a hole in the pocket and also limit the number of choices available. Ordering at the last minute reduces the time to check the products for defects and react for fixing problems with product shortages or shipping dates. For ordering promotional items like custom printed polo shirts in Australia, it is recommended to keep at least three weeks at hand so as to ensure smooth production.

Poor Planning

Although it may sound quite non obvious, there are companies who often follow poor planning schemes for their promotional products and end up being uncertain about their budget, quantity, artwork design and delivery dates. Poor planning can also cost valuable money and time, and transform the strategy into a failure. Before trying to invest into promotional items, a considerable amount of time must be spent in proper planning to understand what exactly is needed.

Prioritizing Cost Instead of Quality

Some companies often try to save money and compromise with the quality of promotional products. It is a conspicuous fact that people will not use a poorly manufactured or cheap product, and thus if quality is compromised it kills the ultimate purpose of the item.

Choosing Inappropriate Items

Another common mistake that many companies make is to pick up something that does not match with the brand and image of the company. It is thus always better to opt for products which will truly reflect the company’s image and and not hamper its purpose.

Being Unaware of Target Market

It is very important to have a clear idea about the target audience in order to choose suitable products for them. Factors like age, occupation and gender should be taken into account when considering the target market. For instance, if a sports event is being organised it is quite obvious that both the genders would participate. So, in that case ordering custom polo shirts only for men and distributing the same among both men and women would not be a good idea. Women would surely not wear it, which will result in waste of money. Rather ordering custom printed travel bags or Embroidered Caps in Melbourne and distributing them to both the genders would be a better idea.


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