All That You Should Know About Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is one of your important investment. Make sure that the accessories you buy complement your dress and enhance the theme of your wedding. It should make you look elegant and beautiful. Your personality should be reflected when you wear these accessories along with your dress  on your D-day. For example, if your wedding dress is quite fussy, wear a jewellery set that is simple.

Once it was a trend for bridesmaids to wear the same dresses like that of the bride but now the concept is outdated. If you want, you can obviously ask your friends to wear matching dresses but if  they don’t there is no harm. Rather you can ask them to dress in various shades of contrasting colour related to the theme of the party for a twist.

bridal dress

The dress you will be wearing on your D-day should be of good quality whether you buy it or hire it. So, always make sure you check the quality as well as workmanship of the dress before bringing it home. You obviously would not want to deal with a dress with hems that are falling apart, burst seams or loose beading on your big day.

We all love Pronovias designer bridal gowns. So, you can certainly try out a few Pronovias designer bridal gowns in Parramatta by visiting Sydney’s best wedding dress shop and check some of their styles that you think will suit you the best. You can also look out for designers like Jack Sullivan, Elizabeth de Varga,Mary-Kyri and Dreamtime Veils when you are out in this shop.

Take one or two trusted people with you who will tell you truthfully whether the dress you are choosing to buy really suits you or not. But before asking them, you should know yourself what kind of dress will go best with your figure. If you have a full-figure, go for simple lines, which skim rather  than hug your figure because they are lot more slimming. If you have a pear-shaped body, look for A-line dresses because they will hide your thighs and hips. However, if you are tall and thin, you can choose any style but stay away from tight and straight dresses because they will give you a matchstick look rather than accentuating your feminine curves.

Brides love wearing floor-length gowns. If you too are fond of it, then remember one thing that the effect of a long gown can be ruined if you are unable to walk without tripping over it. The less formal the wedding ceremony, the shorter the dress can be.

To veil or not veil is also an important consideration. The more formal is the wedding & wedding dress, longer will be the veil. You will need a headpiece if you are deciding to wear a veil.


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