Do-It-Yourself Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Tips


Your husband calls you up from office and tells you that he has invited some of his office colleagues this Sunday at home. Going to living room to clean the household decor items, you suddenly realize that there is a bit of dirt and stain mark on your sofa. You definitely would not want your guest to come and see this shabby sofa or the stained part. But on the other hand, you don’t even have the money to hire a professional for cleaning the sofa for you. The only option left for you is to clean it yourself but you don’t know how to do it. You haven’t done it before and you worry about the fact that you may ruin the fabric more. Here are a few tips for you, which you can consider for cleaning your furniture upholstery fabric. After all, cleaning is not that tough chore.

Vacuum the furniture first: A vacuum cleaner comes with different kinds of upholstery attachments. Use all of them to clean up the dirt and debris that you have on your sofa. If you have a pet in your house, you will definitely have pet hairs on sofa as well. Clean those hairs too by using the machine.

Read the tags of your furniture upholstery: Check the fabric very carefully. You will definitely find fabric care instructions or tags that will guide you on what type of cleaning solution to use. If you don’t find any instruction or tag, check the website of the furniture manufacturer to get a solution. After you have found it, check a small but hidden portion of the upholstery with cleaner to test for color fastness and damage. Codes are generally used in furniture upholstery tags. So before you start the cleaning program you need to know what these codes actually mean. For instance, ‘W’ stands for water. It means the fabric can be cleaned using water-based cleaning products. There are many more codes like this such as S, WS, SW and X.

Buy the upholstery cleaning product: Buy the cleaning product that will not damage your furniture upholstery. To know which cleaning product will go best for your fabric, you will need to keep in mind what has been mentioned in the fabric care tags. Cleaners, which are used for cleaning furniture upholstery in Sydney usually cost between fifteen to twenty dollars per bottle. The rate differs from one place to another. You can also use home-made products for cleaning the fabric. No matter what, always using a non-toxic cleaner is house is a safe thing to do.

Identify the stain: You found the stain mark but you are not aware of how it occurred-due to dirt, food, poop or pee, coffee, wine or any other substance. What you can do is opt for steam cleaning. If the stain is a stubborn one, more than a treatment would be needed for cleaning. For stains that are oil-based, you will need to use chemical based cleaners.

Rent a steam cleaner: This is not even going to cost you much. I am sure you can afford renting this machine. When renting, opt for the one that has wheels and can be moved around easily. It must also be light so that it can be carried up the stairs.

Dry before use: Now that it has become clean, don’t allow mildew to form. Dry it completely. Only when you think it is dried, use it for your purpose.


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