Preparations Needed Before Playing an Accordion


Accordion is a classic instrument. Playing it properly will need some good hand on it. Among all accordion versions Irish accordion is the best to play and listen too. Here are some steps, which you should follow before starting to play an accordion.

  1. Get an accordion and make sure that it works properly. Give a close inspection to see that bellows are working properly, buttons are not stuck. If you find difficulties in dealing with chocked instrument, take it to a professional. He will make the necessary changes.
  2. Find a good place to practice. To master playing any musical instrument, you must have a good place to practice it. The place should be quite and calm so that you can clearly hear every tune of the instrument. Select a place where you can spend a good 2-3 hours without any distraction. Accordion is a tough instrument to play. Thus you need good time to master it.
  3. Do some figure exercises. Accordion is played by figure. If you do some figure exercises it will help to reduce rigidity of the figure. Therefore the figure will be more flexible and nimble. Finger exercise is also important as there are high chances of your fingers to get tired of playing the instrument for a long time.
  4. Try to play it by standing. Though this is a heavy instrument, but the best performance comes while playing it standing. While playing standing you get the full freedom of bending and moving hands while contracting the bellows and pressing the buttons.

Follow these easy steps before starting to play an accordion.


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