Tips To Choose a Good Piano Accordion

Piano AccordionThere are so many different types of accordions available in the market. The selection of the accordion needs to be made keeping in mind your convenience of playing it. In this blog you will come to know the process of selecting a good piano accordion in Ireland.

  • You need to feel comfortable while playing it. If you are soft you can go for the light weight accordions. Though it is expensive if you find this comfortable you can buy it.
  • Buy an accordion depending on your physical structure. Do not buy an accordion bigger than your size. You should consider the factor that you need to pull and draw the bellow properly. There are various sizes of accordions available in the market to fit for every individual.
  • Tuning of the accordion is crucial. Before buying it make sure that it has got 100% tune.
  • What kind base are you looking for? If you are inclined towards using a full base then the instrument will be heavier. A full base gives bigger range.
  • Consider the place of making it. Go for the Italian and German versions because these are handmade ones. Handmade instruments produce sweeter notes.
  • Numbers of couplers gives bigger range of sounds. Three is the minimum number of good range of sound.
  • Look for the reeds made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust.
  • Straps should be adjustable and padded. You must feel comfortable while playing the instrument. A padded strap will not put stress on shoulders. Also buy a nice and hard carrying case. It is a complex instrument that must be kept in a covered place. A wooden case is good for this kind of instrument.
  • A piano accordion is an old and a classic instrument to play. It generally has intricate embroidery, metal works, ornament etc. There is also a modern electronic version in the market. Select the one that you like.

Above all are some of the basic steps that need to follow while you are going to buy an instrument like piano accordion.


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