Tips To Increase the Life of Your Outdoor Cushions

outdoor_cushionsIt is nice to have a long outdoor place like open terrace or balcony if you want to stay relaxed. These places are used for morning breakfast, getting sun tan, enjoying evening tea and for many other purposes. When you possess such a place as a part of your house, you would love to decorate it with conservatory furniture made up of cane or rattan. This light weight furniture is good for placing at outdoor areas. To decorate them you must have various designs and patterns of the cushions too.

But remember one thing- cushions that can sustain dusts, sunlight and winds are the best fit for outdoor furniture. Make sure to select the weather resistant fabrics while you choose the new cushions for conservatory furniture. By using weather resistant fabrics you will be able to increase the life of your outdoor cushions. There are also many more things that you need to keep in your mind for increasing the life of your outdoor cushions.

  1. Keep the non treated cushions inside the house while not in use because these cushions do not have the protective coating (they are not water and heat resistant). Thus, it can get damaged very easily.
  2. Check the manufacture’s label for the procedure of cleaning. There might be some expert tips that you do not know. Frequent cleaning does not allow setting dusts on the surface of the cushions. Also one can use mild soaps for water resistant covers. It is advisable to use mild hard scrubbing brush in order to avoid the damage of the fabric. Dry it completely before placing it on furniture.
  3. Apply water repellent solution on the cushion. Also apply sun tanning lotion on the cushion’s outer surface.
  4. Check the mildew frequently. If you find any mildew, treat them properly. Before applying bleach, check the manufacturer tag if your cushion is bleach proof. Put the solution on the place affected by mildew and keep it for 10 minutes and then clean it.

Don’t store cushions in plastic bags; it might be affected by moulds and fungus. Keep them in a dry well ventilated place.

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