Different Kinds of Daybed – Know The Differences Before Buying

 There are certain types of daybeds which are ideal for furnishing a room that serve dual purposes. These daybeds definitely enhance the sleeping experience.

daybed in Northern Beaches

Daybed frames:

Normal daybeds are compiled with frames, two at the side as an arm and one at the back. The back metal frame is elaborated for creating a visual appeal. Heavily crafted daybed gives a charming feeling to the back of the daybed. The deck of the daybed holds the mattress of the daybed. There are two kinds of daybed decks available in the market one is called link spring and the other one is known as slatted.

A link spring a wire mesh acts as a box spring and this is attached with the frame. It gives the support to the mattress. Generally there is a gap between the frame and mattress for laying the bedding.

A series of wooden or metal slats are attached to the side of the frame. This kind of structure is used for platform style daybeds.

Trundle daybeds:

Most of the daybeds have a feature like under bed storage drawers known as trundle. This additional feature makes daybed more versatile and helps to improve its functionality. A daybed in Northern Beaches also comes up with the trundle feature.

There are two main types of trundle features are available, they are pop-up and pull-out. A popup trundle daybed has a separate trundle unit built on a link spring specifically designed for slandered daybeds. It can be easily stored underneath of the daybed. It can be rolled out and elevated upto the same level of the daybed and convert it into a new king size sleeping area.


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