3 Classic Concertinas and Their Uses

concertinaConcertina is a free- reed musical instrument which is widely used in Irish music. It has got buttons and bellows on both the ends. It is a small, light hand fit piece of equipment. It needs skills and practice to master it. The concertina was developed first in Germany and England. In this article I am going to discuss about the 3 best types of classical concertinas in the world.

English concertina: You can find many Irish concertina company manufacturing English concertinas. The recognizable feature of this musical instrument is its shape. It is hexagonal at the end. Nowadays octagonal variety is also available in the market. These concertinas became popular in the 19th century and have recognizable 4 row of buttons in a rectangular formation. Mostly they have got chromatic notes.

German type: The basic difference between German concertinas and English concertinas is the shape. German concertina has got a square shape at the end. Apart from this German version has got bisonoric. Buttons are mounted on a plate shared on pivot arm. These kinds of concertinas produce fuller sound.

Bandonion Type: Bandonion is a kind of German concertina that has become popular due to the band of Heirich band. It was mostly used in small church and chapels, but nowadays they are widely being used in Tango music. Tango is originated in Argentina but when it got popularity in Paris, it is only then that the use of Bandonion concertina came into use for Tango music.


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