Tips for Cleaning Your Outdoor Upholstery


As outdoor upholstery fabrics endure harsh weather condition. They tend to degrade faster compared to the indoor upholstery. Selecting proper upholstery for your outdoor furniture is very essential. These upholsteries even often get stained due to coffee spill or any other food items. If these filthy upholsteries are left untreated the molds and bacteria grows on it. A plethora of high quality and great looking fabrics are designed to be left outside. You can get wide variety of these fabrics from the companies that provide outdoor upholstery in Sydney.

Few tips are discussed here which will help you to clean the outdoor fabrics.

  • Whenever you are doing lawn mowing, always remember to blow the fabrics with the help of your leaf blower. Always try to pay special attention on the folds, bends and the creases.
  • If you discover tree saps on the upholstery then, immediately remove them as they may cause permanent stain on the fabric. Try to use an odorless solvent like the mineral spirit, which will help to remove the tree sap.
  • If the fabrics on the cushion get spoiled, use a hose to rinse off the cushion. Turn the wet part of the cover and let it dry in the sun.
  • You can apply outdoor upholstery cleaning solutions that are available in the market and brush them or rinse them thoroughly with the help of a sprayer. You should remove the excess moisture with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

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