Taking Care of Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory foam mattresses offer great comfort to the users. They relieve the joint and back pain when you are asleep. These mattresses are typically made up of a visco-elastic polyurethane material and are resilient. They conform to your contours by reacting to your body warmth. This relieves different uncomfortable pressure on different parts of your body.

Here are some basic instructions on how you will take care of your memory foam mattresses.

Taking care of a memory foam mattress is not that hard affair. You will just need to flip the mattress. However, rotating the bed quite often may also help your mattress wear evenly. Rotate it 2-3 times a week for the 1st month you use it and then rotate it 2-3 times a month thereafter.

At the end of every sixth month, you should vacuum the surface with a hose attachment for reducing the allergens and dust.

You should also make use of a mattress protector with your new bed for preventing spills, stains and dust. Spills are usually difficult to remove from foam because excess soap and liquids cause damage to it. To clean the mattress, you need to use a damp cloth and a solution of a mild soap and work from the outside of the stain using as little liquid as you can. For soaking up the moisture, you need to use dry towels. Make sure it is completely dried before you replace the bedding and the sheets on it.

There are many companies that supplies mattresses of memory foam in Northern Beaches, Sydney. All you need to do after getting it delivered is carefully pulling apart the seams for opening the packaging. You should never make use of a scissor or knife to open the plastic package-you may puncture the material inside unknowingly. After opening it carefully, you should place the mattress near a window or fan and allow it to sit for 1-2 hours so that it gets adjusted to the temperature.


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