Various kinds of marine upholstery for your marine vehicles

Marine upholstery

Upholstery and fabrics are the most important things in a marine vehicle to keep you comfortable. So, when it comes to the selection of marine upholstery, you must be very careful. There are varieties of upholstery available for the marine industry. However, these upholstery and fabrics are designed in such a way that it can take up the ware and tare of the natural elements. Here we have discussed about the different kinds of marine upholstery available for the marine vehicles.

Vinyl marine upholstery:

This is not ordinary vinyl that will work. This marine upholstery has been made in such a way that it can withstand constant UV radiation and sun-light without fading out its color. This kind of vinyl resists moisture and bacteria as well and can thus retain its integrity to a greater extent.

Marine grade foam rubber:

This is an open cell foam design of marine grade foam rubber, which drains out all the moisture and circulates air to dry-out faster. This foam is manufactured in such a way that it will be protected from bacteria mold build up. The highest quality marine grade is made from rubber variety.

Non-marine grade foam:

This kind of foam does not have the protecting cover like the other foams. But this can be used effectively for marine vehicles if used in the following way:

  • Wrap it with a plastic sheet before covering with the foam.
  • If you can bear the expenses heat-seal the foam.
  • If you find this heat-sealing is an expensive affair, go for the liquid sealing option. This is not very expensive and affordable too.
  • Cover your boat properly at the time of storms and heavy rain.

Pre-made boat seats:

This is an option that can be made by yourself depending on your choice. You can buy a pre-made boat seat according to the style and model of the boat. You might need to compromise with the style of the boat as that might not be according to the style of the boat that you have.


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