Uwin Introduces a Unique Bladeless Fan Air Multiplier


Uwinatozshop, popular for its robot vacuum cleaners and LED projectorshas come up with a new device in the market-the unique bladeless fan air multiplier. This device has a very unusual characteristic; blades are not visible to the naked eye. It is a circular tube that’s mounted on the pedestal. The tube is shallow and is a few inches deep.

If you have a look at the fan, you won’t even imagine that the breeze actually comes from the circular tube. You can even see any moving parts. Only when the fan gets switched on, you will feel the air to be blown via the tube. Now the obvious question that comes to your mind is how it works then? How does an open circle push the air into the breeze without the fan blades? These are the basic questions, which might be coming to your mind.

There are actually some scientific principles, which are at play here. There is even an electronic part. Although the tube does not have any kind of blades on the inner side of it, the fan’s pedestal consists a brushless electric motor, which takes in the air and feeds it into circular tube. The air gushes along inside of the gadget unless it reaches the slit within the tube. This offers an usual airflow, which you can feel only if you stand before the fan.

Uwin’s bladeless fan air multiplier generates quality breeze. The company is happy to present this sleek designed bladeless fan to its consumers. The features of the device include rotating LED lights, a photo catalyst, an air tester that provides clean natural air, an infrared remote-control unit and a motor, which can work 35,000 hours without stopping.

The breeze that’s generated by Uwin’s air multipliers are more consistent than the breeze that’s generated from the standard fans, which has blades. As the device has no rotating blades, the breeze from fan does not buffet you with the short gusts of air.


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