What is the Difference Between Watching Movies in TV and Movie Theatre?

difference in view

There are some main things, which make watching  movies in TV and movie theatre very different. Here we have discussed about those things for your knowledge.

The major difference is the sound experience. When you go to watch a movie in a good movie hall, you will get to hear the music, dialogue and experience the sound effects not just from the screen but all around you. Usually a standard movie hall has 3 main speakers behind the screen and several others spread out all over the theatre as a result of which you can hear different parts of sound track coming from the different places. You become more engrossed watching the movie in a movie theatre because of its sound effects, which is not obtained from TV.

The second big difference is bigger size of the screen. In a movie hall, the screen is very big due to which viewers often lose themselves while watching the movies out there.  After all, the movie buffs are sitting in the dark with only one thing to view and everything that you look at seems bigger than the life. In order to  experience this kind of view at home, many people are even using a home theatre projector.

We enjoy seeing movies in the theatres because we get to see everything very well. Film projectors usually offer clear and large pictures. The detail is sharper than what we get to see on TV. The moment is even much more fluid. When we see more detail, we get more engrossed in watching it.


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