Top Four uses of Solar Energy – become economical

Solar energy is a renewable and eco-friendly source of energy. It derives its energy from the sun. Here are top 4 uses of solar energy.

solar panel

Solar water heater – It is an energy saving household device which utilizes simple technology to operate. The main functions of solar heater is gathering of heat in the solar collector, transferring the heat to the water supply either directly or indirectly and finally storing up the hot water until and unless it is used. It has a very low maintenance, operation and installation costs and lasts much longer than an electric heater. It is not that costly as well. It is eco friendly too as it does not emit greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

Solar cookers– Solar cookers are those devices that derive energy from the sun for heating and cooking food. It is an extremely beneficial energy saving device. Solar cookers are cheap and easy to use. Because of the fact that it does not need fuel or money to operate it is highly recommended by the NGOs worldwide for minimizing fuel costs and air pollution. It is frequently used in those places or situations where fuel consumption is low.

Solar generator-Solar generator is a powerful energy saving device which converts solar energy (sunlight) into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. It is a smart, safe and clean source of renewable energy. It even provides a good back up when there is no electricity or power due to flood or blackout. It is a good alternative to hybrid or biodiesel solar generators. It is also an environment friendly device since it has no emissions.

These days off grid solar generator is becoming very popular among people since it is energy efficient and power saving device and is a good alternative to electric generators.

 Artificial photosynthesis-It is a process which is similar to naturally occurring phenomenon like photosynthesis. In artificial photosynthesis green plants manufacture their food using solar energy. In artificial photosynthesis solar energy (energy derived from sunlight) and water is converted to carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Artificial photosynthesis not only helps in improving the process of natural photosynthesis but also makes it more efficient. Artificial photosynthesis also helps in producing energy in the dark and absorbs more light at wider wavelengths.


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