Caring for Outdoor Furniture Upholstery

outdoor upholstery

Sometimes the designed features for your outdoor furniture may be unattractive. The lines of the outdoor furniture can be easily softened with the upholstery. This will give a touch of elegance and color to your deck or patio. The outdoor fabrics are manufactured specially for the exposure to weather. If you’re not experienced at upholstery work, you can just make an attempt before doing the difficult furniture works. You can follow these instructions for upholstering the outdoor furniture:

  • First, you have to measure the seat that you are covering, the length and width and then have to buy enough fabric in order to complete the task. The fabric supplier will definitely help you with the quantity.
  • You can buy a piece of foam of the same size of the seat measurement. You can ask the store assistant to cut it to size. You can cover the top and the sides of the foam with cushion.  The cushion wrap will reduce the wear and will give a rounded finish.
  • Then the fabric must be laid on a flat surface and must be marked out for seat arrangement by adding 2 inches for seam allowance and 3 inches to fit around the foam.  Cut the marking and create the two pieces of equal size fabric.
  • Then, place the two pieces of the fabric together, facing right side and pin the three sides, leaving one side open to take the foam padding.  If the shape is elongated and rounded, then leave one side open. You can sew around the seam by removing the pins.
  • Next, stitch the length of fastening tape on both the sides of the remaining end. This closes the gap and allows the cover to be removed for cleaning.
  • Next, stuff the foam padding in the fabric envelope in the same way as you put a pillow in the pillow case. Press the fastening tape to seal the gap.
  • Next place the upholstered padding on the seat with the cushion wrap.

Outdoor upholstery in Sydney will ensure that the outdoor fabrics are cleaned consistently and regularly. This maintenance on a daily basis can ensure vigorous cleanings. Most of the exterior fabrics are designed to be resistant to be mildew, UV, mold, and stains. Still, if these exist, regular cleaning will prevent all.

For spot cleaning you have to follow these:

  • First, apply a light mist of cleaning solution by using a spray bottle.
  • Gently put the solution into the stain by lightly brushing the affected area with a sponge.
    Completely rinse with clean and cool water.
  • You can blot out excess moisture with soft and clean towel.
  • Repeat the above process until all the stains are removed.

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